Fanfic (V week2022: love at first sight)

I have another collab with the MULTITALENTED ciça

Title: L’amore è cieco… E dumb
Author: @Mandapandabug
Art: @rocketpunchhh
Pairing: Kakashi/iruka
Rating: T
CW: canon typical violence again. I have a type ok?
Summary: Giuseppe was really enjoying his time planning pranks and hanging out with the young genin Iruka. He was smart and sneaky, just like he liked his mortals. However, his years of fun were coming to a crushing and upsetting halt. Iruka has been hit by cupid’s arrow… hard. He was in love with the most annoying, boring, strict, jounin imaginable. Kakashi Hatake. Giuseppe decided to try and get him out of love, but he should have known better than to try and meddle in Venus’s plans.