Fanfic: And the Lion Will Chase

:sparkle: Part II of the Want Me Down to the Marrow series :sparkle:

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“I beg you, eat me up. Want me down to the marrow.” ― Hélène Cixous

It began with the sound of rattling bones, and would end with the rustling of the lion’s mane.

After Iruka is saved by the mysterious family that lives within the Inari shrine he’d found sanctuary in, Iruka slowly but surely adjusts to this new life he’d been given, but is haunted by visions of a terrifyingly gentle Gashadokuro when he sleeps or daydreams. Hatake Kakashi, who is a family friend of the Uzumaki’s and frequents the shrine, similarly haunts Iruka’s waking hours.

As the years pass, and Iruka’s first step into adulthood nears, he finds his heart reaching out for both man and beast. But every time he reaches out, those pale white bones, that soft silver hair, step out of reach, and Iruka knows it’s out of hesitation and fear. The fear of a monster who is scared to love and be loved.

He’s far from deterred, however, as he takes on the mantle of a lion and gives chase towards the man, the monster, that has captured his heart.

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