Fanart: sci-fi theme!

Drawn for the 9 Weeks of Summer event, with Week One’s sci-fi theme!

Have split in half, too, for (hopefully) better viewing!


Nice! Looks like they’ve just arrived to that planet to make it their new paradise and a perfect place to live together happily ever after. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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aw man i’m digging the flora and fauna of this exciting new world! hopefully the green buddy there is actually a buddy - though it’d make for an exciting expedition with hostile creatures :grin:

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There’s a few interesting things on this planet!

The rock on the left either bleeds or is filled with a red jelly (haven’t decided - or more like, it hasn’t been explored yet :wink: ); then on the right, at the back, we have a snail/ snake combination.

A little in front of that, the pink plant that has holes in its leaves/ grass blades sings; and next to it, the green thing is a walking carnivorous plant (but probably won’t try to eat people!).

The flowers also have eyes. I was considering giving the flowers sharingan eyes or something, but I didn’t think it would be very noticeable, especially with everything else going on.

The gem in front of Kakashi & Iruka is just a regular amethyst geode; but it does give a bit of info about the properties of the planet, itself!

I had a lot of fun creating this planet & the life on it, so I’m thinking I might expand on this AU later, and go into more detail about everything, and add more elements! :grin:

Perhaps they have! It definitely looks like the planet is a special place for them! :heart: :two_hearts: