Fanart : Morning Beam

Hi !

Here come Kakashi with… No clothes.
Il love this style of coloring but it is impossible for me to do something like that on a real face. I love this mask :’)

We see nothing explicit so I hope it s ok :eyes:

I hope you will enjoy it ・ᴗ・


Wow! Tu es talentueux! :heart_eyes: The colouring is amazing, and I especially love the dolphin material Kakashi has over him. Also, is that a bundled up Iruka sleeping next to him, that I see? :eyes:

I would say it’s borderline NSFW, since Kakashi has so little on and his position is kind of teasing; but looking at the piece overall, I think it will be okay to leave here in the Fanworks category :blush:


Merci beaucoup ! I have a lot of difficulties but I try to improve myself !

Ok, phew :eyes:
Yes Iruka is sleeping next Kakashi ! I love to draw dolphin on Kakashi xD


You are doing a wonderful job :heart: Keep up the good work!
I love that Iruka is hogging the blankets XD I’ve always imagined him to be someone who does that!
Kakashi with dolphin stuff is the cutest thing :heart:


I think I fouuund it :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: Learned more about the forum search function in the process too win-win.

Again, sweety, your command of colour is just amazing and how you just nail one complex pose after another - is respect. Love your work.

Yes, I can see Iruka as the blanket hogger too!