Fanart: kiss kiss

Iruka’s hair is unevenly shaded and I never bothered to fix but enjoy anyway :3 Also that’s not Kakashi’s scar just his cheek.


oh wow! i really like iruka’s smug (mischievous?) expression here! and kakashi just letting him squish his cheeks… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

not that i’m complaining, but they sure keep their forehead protectors on even though they’re naked… maybe they’re shirtless training in the middle of the training grounds hahah.

honestly i couldn’t tell you shaded iruka’s hair unevenly (but i don’t have much of an artistic eye) so all around i’m loving this drawing!

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I love it! Their expressions are great and very original. :orange_heart:

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I think one of them has a forehead protector kink lol

This is super cute!