Fanart: KakaIru Zine Merch Art

I had the honor of being a contributor for the 2020 KakaIru Zine, which had the theme of “Red String of Fate”, and I figured it was about time I actually posted my art for it here! I was lucky enough to make a button design, and a charm design that was one of the stretch goals we were fortunate to achieve :hugs:

Firstly, here’s the charm design (original had transparent bg):

I love drawing them chibi and Kakashi came out adorable :heart_eyes:

Now for the button design:

I couldn’t resist making them do the Heart Hands thing :kissing_closed_eyes:

In case anyone wants one of the buttons, we wound up with a whole lotta extras, and one of the mods was nice enough to send them to me so I could give them out as I wish. Which is to say, I got a whole envelope full of buttons, and if anyone wants one (or heck, a handful—I have that many :laughing:) feel free to DM me :hugs: I can send them for free in an envelope if you’re within the US, or for the cheapest mailing option I can find if you’re outside the US~!


Thanks for sharing! They look cute, and make for adorable charms & buttons :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: That zine was so much fun to do!

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It really was :heart_eyes: The first zine I ever participated in was a KakaIru zine (“Oh Sensei!” it was called, and I think it was done in…2017? Maybe 2018, I can’t remember exactly) and now my most recent one is a KakaIru zine…I feel like I’ve come full circle :laughing: Looking forward to more zine for this lovely pair in the future!

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