Fanart: HP AU

I blame Meta Mondays…:neutral_face:
It’s a :sparkles:HARRRY POTTER AU!:sparkles:
1ST year Kakashi
Iruka out late when trouble find him…:thinking:
And a hospital visit to his saviors :sparkling_heart:


These are so good! :heart_eyes: Iruka stole my heart - he is such a cutie; and I love how he’s completely ignored poor Obito to talk to Kakashi, instead XD I also really like the werewolf shadow in the second pic, and the whole story that scene tells :eyes:

I’m glad Kaoru’s Meta Mondays this month have inspired you! (And I hope you get more inspiration from future ones!)

Thanks for sharing these with us!

:chruheartkiss: :lovebomb: :joukashiheartkiss:

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I’m glad you liked them!! Baby face Iruka is one of my favorite things to draw and I’ve been iching to draw them in a HP au since the first question this month so I finally did it :sparkling_heart: I hope so too this was fun!

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