Fanart gift from dah twitchi!

I woke up to the loveliest thing this morning! The sweet dah twitchi made me the most beautiful art for my dad fic, Two is Company, Three’s a Family, thanks to some other lovely people in the Umino Hours discord server; and I love it so much! :heart: :revolving_hearts: It captures the fic perfectly; and I am honestly really touched! :heart: :two_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

Look at it!


Oooooh, that is so sweet! I love their work anyways, but I think they are amazing at capturing that softness you wrote in your dad fic! :heart: How cute! (Also, you deserve all the cute art @kakairu-shrine ! :kissing_heart:)

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I seriously love it so much! :heart: I haven’t been able to stop looking at it; and the more I do, the better it becomes! It was such a lovely surprise; and I’m so grateful to have friends who will go out of their way to organise and do something like that for me :sob: :heart: :two_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

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Ah makes me happy seeing you post it here, too. Really glad you like it. The 4 of us (5 inc Twitchi) thought you’d enjoy one of your Dad Iruka fics having fanart. We love you!

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I posted it everywhere I could, and even showed my irls who know I write fanfic, bc I love it so much & want to show it off to the world! I know I said it the other day when I realised you guys spent money on me; but all of you are so wonderful, precious, and thoughtful; and I am so lucky to know you :heart: And I definitely love you, too :heart: :two_hearts: :revolving_hearts: