Fanart: Fairy Tale theme!

Drawn for the Fairy Tale theme of Nine Weeks of Summer :blush:

Prince Kakashi was supposed to find a wife at the ball; but when he laid eyes on Iruka, he found himself a husband to live happily ever after with, instead. And he danced with him all night long :heart: :two_hearts:


Man Kakashi already looks besotted! And Iruka looks so panicked, ahahah! Kakashi clearly has the Prince Charming get-up, though Iruka’s does remind me of Chinese robes for some reason - the ones that kung-fu masters wear.

A Cinderella AU is so cute, now that I’m thinking about it! Who do you suppose would make a better fairy godmother - Naruto with his overly-enthusiastic wish-granting capabilities, or maybe someone else more stoic and tired despite their entire sparkly get-up. (Honestly my mind just hooked on Ibiki grudgingly tapping a sparkling wand on a pumpkin and watching the sparkles swirl around it and making it grow rather like how you’d watch a particularly widespread and unskippable Youtube ad halfway through the video.)

Anyway excellent idea 1000/10

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Iruka is panicking because he wasn’t expecting Prince Kakashi to be interested in him. And now he’s dancing with him!

Also, I love your idea of Ibiki as the fairy godmother, and just had to do a quick sketch!

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aw man that expression! so disgruntled! i love it! Guess I have to do a snippet…

Iruka had grown up with fairytales, and stories of the fae - the benevolent and kind, even if absent-minded; the cold and the cruel, some gleefully so. His mother had told them to him as she tucked him into his bed, his father had told them to him as superstition and warnings. After their deaths, as busy as he was, Hiruzen had told them to him as parables and fables, lessons of wisdom and courage hidden beneath the glamour of their magic.

He kept to them, less out of true belief than a flight of fancy. It seemed a brighter world if the fae existed - that somewhere out there, there were beings that flaunted the laws of reality, that could be something more than human. A nice story to tell the children in his care, or to cheer himself up - especially after the events of the day.

He knew, he did - he knew that a mere servant of the Sarutobi, however much favour he had, would never receive an invitation to the grand ball. That the glimpses he caught of the prince would ever only be glimpses.

But he didn’t know that his fervent wish, said aloud and alone in the shadows of his parents’ graves - would lead him to meet an actual fae.

Ibiki wasn’t quite what he expected. The stories told of blinding beauty and glamours, but the scars that winded down his face were twisting and far from aesthetically pleasing. The stories told of gaiety and (cruel) cheer, but Ibiki just looked…

Well. He looked rather grumpy and disgruntled.

“I owe a boon to your mother,” he explained shortly after introducing himself. “She asked for nothing though she sheltered me, and she did not trap me. I consider myself indebted.”

That made sense, he thought. His mother had advocated for kindness over his father’s caution. A favour for a favour was the fairy price.

Except Iruka had the feeling that Ibiki was incredibly out of his depth, as he poked at the third pumpkin of the evening - the previous two pumpkins had exploded, leaving its mushy guts all over the garden - with a wand that spat out alarmingly red sparks that were desperately trying to be pink.

At one point, Iruka swore he heard Ibiki mutter, why couldn’t he ask for an assassination?

“I can walk to the ball,” he offered weakly.

“No,” Ibiki said, without turning to look at Iruka. “Absolutely not.”

The trail of pinkish-red sparks settled around the pumpkin, settling and sinking into the orange skin. Ibiki stared at it distastefully as it swelled, as though he was sitting through one of those jingles the entertainer at the town square was obviously paid to sing about a miracle medical marvel or some other product. A terribly written one.

It made Iruka glad to hear when Ibiki finally said, "that should do it - "

The pumpkin exploded.

Ibiki swiped his face clean of pumpkin guts, looking as though he had gone through a terrible war. Was going through one.

“Back to the drawing board,” he said grimly, and Iruka could only nod.

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This was already good but got much better with Ibiki’s sketch and the snippet. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh my god, I absolutely love this!!! I wasn’t expecting for Ibiki to keep accidentally making the pumpkins explode, but of course he can’t be good at everything! I also love Ibiki’s determination to get it right, despite how much he really wasn’t enjoying it; though I think by the time he actually gets a pumpkin carriage ready, Iruka could have already been at the ball enjoying himself, if he’d walked XD

This is such a great addition to the Cinderella AU! :heart: :two_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

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