Fanart: dtiys challenge - Iruka & seals

I drew this for the dtiys (do this in your style) challenge in the Umino Hours discord server! For those of you who don’t know what that is, basically, someone draws art based off a prompt, and those who want to participate draws the artist’s work in their own style.

There is a new artist, and new prompt for every round; and this round’s original piece was done by dah twitchi (I’d show you, but I think they only posted it to the server, so I can’t add a link), and it was a cute little scene where Iruka was relaxing on the couch and had summoned a baby seal.

I decided to change things up a little in my version, and added a bit of disaster to the mix :wink:

Needless to say, Iruka was expecting… smaller company :joy:


The seal looks happy to have been summoned by Iruka. I like the touch of movement of the ink flask and the water glass falling.

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I like to imagine that there was a specific baby seal that Iruka wanted to summon, but when this one could sense that Iruka was about to summon someone, it got excited and made sure it got summoned instead XD


lmao love the detail of the water spilling.

also for some reason it makes my heart squeeze to see iruka in slippers T-T why so cute.

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