Fanart: Christmas Dinner

I drew this for the Christmas Dinner square on my Iruka Winter Bingo card!

I haven’t had time to do much on it, but I’m hoping to at least get a line!

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Ooh I love it ! Iruka with glasses : i’m agree. In one of my kakairu fic where he is a lawyer (to save sakumo from death penalty) he has glasses too and I love xD

I see “christmas theme outfit” and it reminds me that I drew something like that in december. I want to share it too now xD. God I hope i’m not annoying, I’m too talkative T_T

This bingo card is really a good idea. All of the kakairu or Iruka things I discovered last days are sooooo cool. Why didn’t I find out about this earlier ? :sob:

I want to do ALL challenges I see but I have not enough time :sob:

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Iruka with glasses is amazing :heart_eyes: And your fic sounds very interesting! :eyes:
Don’t worry, you’re not annoying! We encourage talking & sharing here!

The events are all fantastic, aren’t they?! I think within the past couple of years there’s been more & more people making them; and it’s wonderful to see that people’s love for KakaIru is growing even more, and that we’re getting more content to enjoy because of it :heart:

And that’s why we have our event calendar, and What’s Happening announcements! We want to make it easier for the KakaIru community to find out about upcoming events that may interest them, as well as important dates to remember so that they don’t miss out!

We include all KakaIru events, regardless of whether we are running them or not, though there may be some we haven’t heard of. But members can add events, too, if they find one that we haven’t, or are running one of their own that they want to share!

I know how you feel! Since there are so many events, if you were to do all them, you might not have time to do anything else! The good thing is that many of them are recurring, which means if you miss out one year, you can always do it the next!

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