Fan Song: Crush

I wrote another kakairu inspired song! This is the one I mentioned ages ago that my cats really like listening to. This piece also has a story to it, which you can read in the post :blush:

Enjoy! :heart: :two_hearts:

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I am probably one of those cats! This song is so light-hearted and lively yet relaxing to listen to!

I’m not very good at music, but I really liked when the deeper notes got woven in! It felt like there was a sort of dialogue happening in the music, in that they both had the same feelings…

I certainly can see it when they walked off slowly together, perhaps into a sunset. A brighter future.

Thank you for sharing! :musical_note:


I’m glad you like it! :heart: :two_hearts: :revolving_hearts:

I love using lower octaves (deeper notes) in songs; and I think it worked especially well for this one with the storytelling!

When I was writing it, I often thought about the notes as heartbeats, and saw the deeper notes as their deeper feelings, and the higher ones as things like their hearts fluttering; so when I kept using deeper notes and made them more prominent, I felt like it made the story richer and was saying “this is more than just a small crush now - they’ve really fallen for each other” :grin: :heart:

I wonder what story I’ll tell next time I write a song…

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