Fan art : maze challenge voodoo

Who is this new guy Obito and why does that doll look like Kakashi?
I’ll post this later on the other sites.


AHH! You’ve shared the first creation for the event, and what an AMAZING creation it is!!! :amazingbomb:

I really love how in-character this is for Obito - he absolutely would make a Kakashi voodoo doll just to wipe that smug, better-than-everyone-else look off his face! :joy: He should have remembered to hide his little setup, though, because I’m sure curious little Iruka here would want to ask him so many questions about it XD

The colours you’ve chosen are so good, too - they help give your piece a cool, mysterious vibe; and I love some of the details you’ve added, like the photos in the reflection of the mirror, and how Obito doesn’t just have a voodoo doll, but like a voodoo shrine!

Thank you so much for sharing such wonderful work with us!
:chruheartkiss: :lovebomb::joukashiheartkiss:

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So cute and cool!

Did Obito take Kakashi’s face out of the picture on the frame?

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:thinking: i didn’t think of that ohhhh it was just a blank space while i figured out the plot but that’s a great suggestion…

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