[Doujin] When the Dream Ends by 526kkir

A bittersweet but possibly hopeful scenario involving reincarnation and lost memories. I translated the general gist of it on another server and thought I’d post it up here. disclaimer: my japanese is really terrible and i didn’t go in depth in translating this piece…

Anyway, this is a reincarnation au where iruka retains his memory from the previous life. he grew out his hair in hopes of kakashi recognising him quickly when they meet. but when they meet in uni, kakashi doesn’t have the memories. iruka tried to approach him respectfully to build a relationship, but that went to bust when he discovered kakashi had a lover.

so in his sadness, he cut his hair.

the doujin mostly is kakashi and genma noticing iruka’s new hairstyle, which has bangs that really obstruct his eyes. kakashi tries to invite iruka out for dinner, which iruka declines because he has part-time work. kakashi comments that iruka has been doing much more part-time work lately and is quite busy, and starts making some other comments that has some romantic echoes about waiting for iruka for a lifetime. it slightly confuses iruka, when he’s made this drastic decision to move on.

iruka tries to leave, but kakashi grabs him by the wrist. he asks if he’s okay, which iruka repeatedly asserts that he is, and kakashi insists on seeing iruka’s face which was blocked by the bangs. lately you haven’t been looking me in the eyes, and all.

iruka tells him to go bald and runs off. (classic tsundere moment, i’m assuming.) kakashi is all like… cute…

meanwhile genma is all, what are those two doing…? (tag urself i’m genma)

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