[Douijin] For Our Sleep! by 山本まる

Kakashi talks non-stop about Iruka. Now if only he would actually ask the man out, so that all of them (the ninken pack!) can get an actual good night’s sleep… Oh that’s right, they might as well help him out in confessing to Iruka!

Featuring blatant attempts at matchmaking by the ninken pack, failure to actually get Kakashi to confess, and a fellow comrade in arms suffering from the same problem as them.

Very light-hearted and knowledge of Japanese not intensely required.

Read it here on pixiv.


I loved this! The ninken were adorable, and also big mood. :joy_cat: Thank you for reccing!

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The ending had me cackling. Poor Yamato–Iruka gave him a KYUUN heartbeat moment, and while he was all “wtf was that” Kakashi appears like the angel of death to ward off any competition :joy:

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This was so cute! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: