Do you think Iruka is related to Hashirama? 👀

  • Of course!
  • I don’t think so

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I had asked myself that once, but I had come to the conclusion that :

Apart from their resemblance, I don’t see what could connect them. It would mean that he’s also related to Tsunade? but there is no indication of anything like that. :thinking:

On the other hand, I love the nod in Rock Lee SD anime :joy:

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Yeah, I don’t think there’s anything in canon that links Iruka to Hashirama (besides being doppelgangers!), but the best part about that is that there’s also nothing in canon saying they’re not related, so someone can decide they’re related (or not!), and they won’t be wrong :wink: I have read some discussions & fics before, on them being related, and there’s some interesting theories & headcanons out there!


I’m sorry what happened in rock Lee SD?! What episode!!? Whaaaaaaa???!!!?

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In all episodes haha. Because…

This :arrow_down:


I’ve been doing a Naruto rewatch, and idk if you guys have noticed/ seen this before, but I just saw this in Shippuden E53; and wanted to share it here for all the Iruka-related-to-Hashirama lovers!!

hokage rock iruka


I think the face cracked during the Sound Invasion?

The Iruka-Hashirama connection is a favourite head canon. The Senju were a huge clan, so one or both of Iruka’s parents could be descended from it, which would explain the resemblance as family resemblance without them being very closely related. Probably Iruka’s mother, given the water-related last name from Dad (and the fact that I like that bit of family originating in Uzushio), though Ikkaku could be related to Mito, and I think Iruka looks more like Mom than Dad.


OMG I NEVER NOTICED THIS! Incredible. I 100% support senju genes in Iruka for sure. Also can someone please look at Irukas mom and then at genma and tell me that they don’t look the same?! I kind of like the idea of them being cousins or something. Anyway senju Iruka for sure tho!!
This is a great find!!

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That’s a cool idea!

scurries off to look

Yeah, I could see that. They have similar facial shapes (from the little we see of Kohari) and colouring.

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Yeah we don’t see much but she uses the same head band thing? It just struck me :joy: