December 2022 DDN #2 Word Search

Hey guys, we were supposed to host a second DDN this month, but unfortunately, life got in the way, so we were unable to. Instead, as something fun to celebrate all the DDNs we have done this year, we have put together a Prompt Word Search for you!

The rules are very simple!

  1. Create a doodle or drabble for each prompt on the list, and share them in the respective December DDN #2 threads.
  2. Each time you make a creation, you can find the prompt in the word search and cross it off.
  3. Find all the words to earn a special DDN badge*!
  • You can download the word search to cross the prompts off & do the find-a-word, but it is not necessary to earn the badge – you just need to have either a doodle or drabble for all the prompts!

Please let us know what you think of the prompt word search, as we are considering doing more in the future!

:chruheartkiss: :amazingbomb: :joukashiheartkiss:

Here is the word search. Have fun!