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Continues from a set of drabbles from October’s DDN. Quick summary: Iruka was dared to go into an “abandoned” house.

The shape didn’t come any further down the stairs, which was just as well because Iruka didn’t think he could have moved for love or ramen.

The voice came again," What are you doing in my house?"

The words sounded… lower?.. now, with a hint of rumble underneath. And then the costume twitched. Iruka felt his eyes strain to see further into the darkness. He had to have imagined that, right? It had to be a man. Anything else was absurd.

The shape came another step down and closer to him.

Iruka’s mouth gaped open and closed and open again.


Kakashi stumbled through his front door at the end of his latest mission. Too bad he couldn’t go any further than that without walking on the walls—something Iruka heavily frowned upon, and he didn’t have the chakra for anyway. Their home was a sea of fabric, all at waist height, with an occasional “tent peek” raised slightly above the rest.

“Iruka, honey?” Kakashi called out, not nearly as loudly as he intended. It must have been loud enough, though, because there was an immediate rustle, and then Iruka’s head poked up between two overlapping… bedsheets? and grinned.

“Welcome home, Kakashi!”


Prompt: drift (continues from “man”)

Iruka didn’t think he could get any words out if his life depended on it… and it finally occurred to him that it might. His eyes drifted down to where he expected a face to be—still more shadow than anything—and back up to the… ears?

They twitched again, and then flattened out, kind of like the ears on the dogs that chased him.

Iruka closed his mouth and swallowed hard.

“I… I…”

The shape came down one more step.

Now Iruka could make out the slope of shoulders, a shadow where he expected a nose… and one glowing red eye.


Iruka spent his whole day irritated and grumbling. Every time he looked out the window of his classroom into a world of white, he was reminded again of the extra chore he now had to complete after school… and marking… and mission’s desk.

He sighed.

Sure, the snow was pretty and clean. It (temporarily) covered over all the dark and ugly things in the world. It muffled all the sounds of the busy village. The problem was that he was going to have to shovel all that snow off his front walk and steps as soon as he got home.


Prompt: shoe (continues from shovel)

After class, Iruka spent an hour straightening and setting things in order for tomorrow’s lessons. The unexpectedly heavy snow today meant his original plan to take his class outside for exercise and forest exploration was right out the window. As much as shinobi had to be ready to go out and complete missions in any kind of weather, his current class was so young that the snow drifts would be as tall as they were by morning! He shuddered at the thought of being inside with the kids all day—they’d be foaming at the mouth to go out and play.


Prompt: Cone (continues from shoe)

Kakashi and Iruka strolled hand-in-hand through the park. The sun beat down on their heads. Waves of heat radiated up from the path they walked along. Their clothes were plastered to their bodies. And unless he let Kakashi throw him into the pond, there was no relief in sight. (Tempting, but despite there being no students in sight, he knew they would appear to catch him the instant he landed in the cool, refreshing water.)

Then, like a mirage, a woman with a cart appeared at the entrance of the park.

Iruka jolted out of the memory with an idea.


Prompt: storm (continues from cone)

Iruka stewed at the mission’s desk. He looked at the clock. He desperately wished that he could leave early, so he could put his idea into action There should be just enough time—as long as there were no delays in getting to the market before everything closed!

It was dead quiet, but bitter experience had taught Iruka that he couldn’t count on it to stay that way.

The last five minutes of his shift seemed to simultaneously drag and speed by.

Finally, finally, he locked the door and bolted out into the storm towards the market. He would make it!


Prompt: ball (continues from storm)

As he bolted towards the market, Iruka indulged in a new vision for how tomorrow afternoon would play out. Happy children enjoying a treat made with the new, clean snow (he needed to remember to block off one full Academy training ground for his class early tomorrow morning), building snow forts (he could absolutely sell it as a practical exercise in experimenting with fortifications), and throwing snowballs (a fun way to develop arm muscles and throwing techniques).

The best part would be sending them home right around the time they would start complaining about being wet and cold and tired.


Prompt: plow (continues from ball)

Iruka plowed into the shop a full minute before it closed.

“So sorry, Shokuryo-san! Last minute inspiration for tomorrow! I’ll only be a minute!”

Shokuryo laughed. “Take all the time you need, Umino-sensei!”

Iruka ran down the aisles, grabbing paper cups and an ice cream scoop. He hesitated in front of the flavoured syrups. What would they like? He closed his eyes and grabbed two, trusting to luck.

Then he bolted back to the front of the shop to pay.

His good mood and excitement lasted until he was half way home and remembered the chore awaiting him. He sighed.


Prompt: Angel (continues from plow)

Iruka wanted to drag his feet, but while that would delay shovelling, it would also delay a hot shower and bedtime, so he kept up his quick pace and sighed again. He would drop his bags off in the genkan and begin immediately (he wasn’t convinced he’d be able to step back out again if he went in).

He trudged down the already cleared sidewalks of his neighbours, dreading the moment he would step into the deep snow on his own walk, but that moment never came.

There was only one angel who would shovel his snow.

“Kakashi! You’re home!”


Congrats @mt_nikolle for guessing the theme right! Here’s the drabble you requested on the prompt: snowday

Iruka wasn’t normally out of bed early in the morning, so Kakashi cracked an eye open at his sudden movement. He watched Iruka grumble and shiver, shuffling over on bare feet towards the window. Peeking through the frosted glass, he took a look at the snowy sidewalks and roads, trying to estimate the amount.

He grinned when he saw the ruler he’d stuck in an old pot showed 5 inches.


He climbed back into bed, snuggling close to Kakashi, who hissed at the sudden coldness of Iruka’s feet.

“Snow day?” He mumbled sleepily.

“Mmm,” Iruka hummed, “let’s sleep in.”