Creator Spotlight: Radkoko

creator spotlight radkoko

We are excited to introduce our next shining star for the Creator Spotlight… @radkoko!

This is a member’s only activity where we reach out to one of the talented people in our community each month to find out all about them and their kakairu creations, and then show them off to the world!

We hope you enjoy learning about Rad & her creations as much as we did. Please give her some love :chruheartkiss: :lovebomb: :joukashiheartkiss:

Pronouns: She/Her

Type of Creator: Writer & Artist

Where to find her:

  1. radkoko | Archive of Our Own

1. How long have you been creating KakaIru fanworks?

Over 10 years. First published fic was Dear Captain. I have one older fic on a lost AFF account, that has KakaIru as a background couple, but not sure how much earlier that was, maybe a year or two. My artwork has been a lot more recent, I would draw for fun sometimes, but I started drawing more KakaIru stuff in just the last 3 or so years.

2. What are you working on right now?

A redux of that original fic, now a multi-chapter pirate epic! Ok maybe that’s overselling it, but it’s 13k, and only about half done…

3. What is your favourite trope to create for?

I love hurt/comfort, domestic fluff, and any kind of AU always gets my heart. Also as a specific KakaIru thing, I love Iruka getting to tell Kakashi off, so if there’s any time he can do that, I want to make it happen.

4. Which of your creations is your favourite, and why?

That’s hard, I could say my new fic, but I’ve been talking about that one too much so I’ll go with my Resisting and Giving In pair of fics. It was one of my most ambitious fics and even though it was only for a few weeks I liked leaving a story on a bit of a cliffhanger.

5. Do you have any WIPs you’re excited about?

I said it before but I’ll say it again, Pirates! I’m very excited for this fic, I just gotta finish writing it. I want to share it, but want to get a little further before I start posting so that I don’t leave readers hanging for too long while I finish it up. I guess I do have another in progress fic which is inspired by The Proposal, where Kakashi lies saying that Iruka is his fiancé, when he’s actually just his assistant. And Iruka’s “family” (the Sarutobi’s) find out and they have to come home and fake their relationship for the weekend of Asuma’s birthday party.

6. Do you have any original characters? If so, tell us about them!

No OCs that I use in my KakaIru fics, but I have a character called Kotsuki and I use her as my character/name when I create characters in most video games.

7. What was your hardest piece to create, and why?

Date Me! I loved writing that fic but it was my first Big Bang fic and I’m not really that great on a deadline… I had a first draft already written, otherwise I don’t think I would have finished in time. However it’s still one of my favorite final pieces because one of the first KakaIru artists I started following did a piece for that fic and it just makes my heart happy.

8. Do you have any favourite scenes from something you’ve created?

Maybe a sneak peak from the pirate fic? I have some art that would suit the scene, too.

The storm raged on around them. Waves threatening to tip their vessel. The sky lit up as the lightning danced in the darkened clouds. The crashes of thunder surrounding them, almost deafening.

Iruka steeled himself and ran up to the quarterdeck where the pirate captain was still casually observing the fight.

“Leave my ship alone!” Iruka yelled over the dissonance of activity.

He swung his sword towards the man hoping to catch him off guard, but had no such luck.

Their swords clashed mimicking the thunderous crashes as the lightning sparked around them.

9. Where does your inspiration come from?

Two things really give me inspiration. One is drawings or images people share, I love imagining the story behind that one frame. Second is movies, TV shows, and books; I love taking the same basic plot and thinking of how Kakashi and Iruka would react in a similar situation. Something like Teaching the Impossible was inspired by Jane Eyre, and Date Me! was from a K-Drama called Her Private Life. Both a similar concept, but not necessarily a direct recreation.

10. Which of your creations is the most meaningful to you, and why?

Teaching the Impossible is probably one of the most meaningful, mostly because it was my first big fic after a long break when I was focusing on another fandom. I’d taken a step away from KakaIru and it was the one that brought me back.