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creator spotlight nikolle

We are excited to introduce our next shining star for the Creator Spotlight… @mt_nikolle!

This is a member’s only activity where we reach out to one of the talented people in our community each month to find out all about them and their kakairu creations, and then show them off to the world!

We hope you enjoy learning about Nikolle & her creations as much as we did. Please give her some love!
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Pronouns: She/Her

Type of Creator: Writer

Where to find her:

  1. mt_nikolle | Archive of Our Own

1. How long have you been creating KakaIru fanworks?

Counts back on fingers… about four months.

2. What are you working on right now?

I have two WIPs right now. The first is the parallel story to Warm, but from Iruka’s POV. The second started with the prompt “(Name) opens the door and is shocked to find…” and I had a flash of Iruka and Kakashi. Except, I wanted to reverse the trope of Iruka finding Kakashi on death’s door on his front stoop (or falling through the window, as the case may be). I’m not actually sure at this point if it is a KakaIru story or if it’s going to be platonic. So far, it’s just a very loose outline.

3. What is your favourite trope to create for?

Is fluff a trope? If it is, then that. Otherwise, I don’t think I have one at this point.

4. Which of your creations is your favourite, and why?

I don’t have one. I like all of my creations.

5. Do you have any WIPs you’re excited about?

“Excited” is a pretty strong word for me, but I’m really enjoying working on Warm 2 (alas, it has no name). If/when it gets finished I’ll be extremely proud that I finished a story that required a sustained effort (of months, not days) because I’ve never been very good at that kind of thing.

6. Do you have any original characters? If so, tell us about them!

No original characters. The closest I get are unnamed backgrounders.

No, this is a lie. I just re-found her when I rediscovered my second WIP (flipping through online notes looking for something else). It has at least one original character because I need a female Konoha genjustu-using jounin who is not Kurenai. She is the daughter of a minor canon character, but she doesn’t have a name of her own yet.

7. What was your hardest piece to create, and why?

Warm was hard to create because I was so anxious about it! It had both a deadline and a time limit. It was also my first time attempting to write a fiction piece longer than a few hundred words in almost three decades.

Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right was hard because as the story got longer and longer I needed to research more things to try and get the details right. I had timeline markers I needed to hit and only the vaguest idea of how to get there. And dialogue. The dialogue was probably the hardest. Social situations don’t come easily to me personally, so it’s difficult to imagine and write how characters will speak and act in them. After the last couple of years of extremely limited social interaction, I don’t feel like I have any frame of reference either.

8. Do you have any favourite scenes from something you’ve created?

Anko’s announcement in The Bomb. Iruka pranking Kakashi at the end of First Christmas. Both scenes put a smile on my face when I reread them.

9. Where does your inspiration come from?

Things I’ve read (books, magazines, other fanfics), heard (music, news, podcasts), seen (movies, tv, games), and done (hobbies, jobs, random activities). I really can’t nail it down because all that stuff goes into the soup of my brain and gets mixed together. If I’m lucky, something edible floats to the top and I can grab it with my spoon (or my fork, depending).

10. Which of your creations is the most meaningful to you, and why?

Probably Warm. It was the first KakaIru story I wrote. It was the first thing I’ve written in decades that was longer than 500 words. It was the first fandom event I ever participated in. But, mostly, it was the first time I gave myself permission to call myself a writer, after decades of telling myself that I couldn’t write.


What a lovely spotlight for a lovely creator - I enjoyed reading your interview @mt_nikolle :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration: :heart_decoration:

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