Creator Spotlight: Camilita

creator spotlight camilita

We are excited to introduce our next shining star for the Creator Spotlight… @Camilita!

This is a member’s only activity where we reach out to one of the talented people in our community each month to find out all about them and their kakairu creations, and then show them off to the world!

We hope you enjoy learning about Cami & her creations as much as we did. Please give her some love!
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Pronouns: She/Her

Type of Creator: Writer

Where to find her:

  1. myka1231 | Archive of Our Own

1. How long have you been creating KakaIru fanworks?

Since 2016. That’s the first time I signed up for an event and that gave me the courage to publish my works. I’m kinda shy.

2. What are you working on right now?

Right now I’m not working on anything but I just signed up for the Reverse Bang so that’s my next project. I’m very excited about it too.

3. What is your favourite trope to create for?

I’d have to say Idiots in love. It just has so much potential, you can’t go wrong there. Although, I think most of my works have been for events so I write what the event ask for.

4. Which of your creations is your favourite, and why?

That’s an easy one: A human’s worth. I struggled a lot with that fic, but I like how it worked out.

When I was writing it and after finishing it, I was very disappointed because I thought it had more potential than what I could write, but in hindsight I really like it. I think it’s very original and has a lot of background that makes it interesting. I’m really proud of that project.

I guess I learnt a lesson there too. We’re our worst critiques and we tend to be so hard on ourselves that sometimes good stories never see the light of being published.

5. Do you have any WIPs you’re excited about?

I’ve never written a multi-chapter fic, so no. But after the Bang, that will be my next challenge.

6. Do you have any original characters? If so, tell us about them!

So far I’ve stuck to Kishimoto’s characters because my plots haven’t asked for original ones.

7. What was your hardest piece to create, and why?

That would be A God’s Dawn. I had to create so much mythology to give form to my idea and so much of it never even made it to the fic. I always wanted to write more for that verse and still have so much more of that story to tell, but every time I sit to write it I get stumped. I haven’t given up yet, but I can’t be sure of when I might do it finally.

8. Do you have any favourite scenes from something you’ve created?

I guess the whole of Kakashi, Iruka, and the Little Monster is one big wholesome, sweet scene. It’s found family and that’s another favourite trope.

9. Where does your inspiration come from?

I think my biggest inspiration is my best friend. She’s always discussing ideas with me and encouraging me to write. She’s my sounding board and my cheerleader. She’s the first pair of eyes to read what I write and without her I wouldn’t be half the writer I am.

10. Which of your creations is the most meaningful to you, and why?

That would be the collaboration fic, The Perks of Promotion: Choose Your Own KakaIru that I did with anniemar, flailinginlove, CappuccettoRosso, Glommier, Hexadecimalrebooted, ladyxdream and water_bby. There’s a lot of us, I know.

I guess that project is the most meaningful because I was asked to do it and worked along so many wonderful people and creators I was in awed. I still can barely believe my name is alongside them all.

I think my chapter is the worst of the fic, but as I said, we are our worst critiques and it was an amazing experience so all is good.


@Camilita Congratulations on a spotlight well-deserved :chruparty: :joukashiparty: It was so interesting to read about you and your works :green_heart:

Thank you <3