Creator Spotlight: animetrashmuffin

We are excited to introduce our next shining star for the Creator Spotlight… @animetrashmuffin!

This is a member’s only activity where we reach out to one of the talented people in our community each month to find out all about them and their kakairu creations, and then show them off to the world!

We hope you enjoy learning about Animetrashmuffin & her creations as much as we did. Please give her some love :heart:

Pronouns: She/ Her

Type of Creator (artist, writer, both, etc.): Artist (though I have written like, two fics and I do comics!)

Where to find her:

1. How long have you been creating KakaIru fanworks?

I started in November of 2020 and have been GOING HARD ever since

2. What are you working on right now?

So many things but I’ll try to narrow it down…I’m very excited to be part of the Kakairu Big Bang (posting starts in August!), I’m participating in several events including the maze challenge, and I have a regular event that I do on my tumblr called comic sunday where I post original Kakairu comics on Sundays (original name I know). Otherwise I’m constantly working on SOMETHING pretty much all the time.

3. What is your favourite trope to create for?

I love secret married Kakairu, it’s probably my absolute favorite. I have lots but hands down that one wins.

4. Which of your creations is your favourite, and why?

This is such a hard question…I think I’m going to say this one is my current favorite because it embodies a lot about what I love about these characters and their relationship. Also from a technical level I think it’s pretty good!

5. Do you have any WIPs you’re excited about?

Oh god, of course. I’m excited for the current comic that I’m working on and also I have an extremely sweet/emotional comic I’m working on that takes the Naruto episode Message from the Heart and makes it Kakairu. It’s got FEELINGS, DRAMA, and of course a happy ending because I’m a huge sap. I’m also excited for all my Big Bang pieces but they’re not exactly WIPs anymore :wink:

6. Do you have any original characters? If so, tell us about them!

I really don’t, it’s something that I have always been a little embarrassed to admit (like does this make me less creative somehow? Is my imagination stunted?). Maybe some day I’ll have some!

7. What was your hardest piece to create, and why?

Any piece I ever share that has a kiss in it because I can’t draw kisses to save my soul. But otherwise this piece was maybe the hardest for me because I had such a clear vision of what I wanted it to look like but I probably need to level up my art skills a little more before I can fully realize it.

8. Do you have any favourite scenes from something you’ve created?

Oh yeah, and I feel like I’m just talking about my comics (but that’s a lot of what I do so I guess that makes sense :D) but I did a secret married Kakairu Comic called “He’s Married” and I just wanted to get to the last page so bad because I wanted to draw everyone’s reactions to the BIG REVEAL (it’s like 3 pages so it’s not a long wait which is good because I’m impatient). You can read the whole thing here!

9. Where does your inspiration come from?

I take a ton of inspiration from the Umino Hours discord group, they’re amazing btw, but also fics that I read, my own dumb brain, and of course, Kakairu Incorrect Quotes!

10. Which of your creations is the most meaningful to you, and why?

I think it’s got to be this comic because I did the whole thing in like a DAY and it felt like an exorcism. I just had so many feelings and I just wanted to give Kakashi some gaddamn happiness because he is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite characters. I just want something nice for him. Plus it’s probably the best no-mask Kakashi I’ve ever done so lots of feelings!


AAAAHHHHHH!!! Yes to all of this!!! Yes Babs!!!