Create Halloween Emojis!

Since it’s October, we have decided to invite you guys to join in on the emoji-making fun, and create Halloween themed emojis with us this month so we can have more fun ones to use! :henopumpkin:

All you have to do is draw some kakairu-related Halloween art, and upload it in this thread; and I will make it become one of our emojis!

You can share larger images, but they will be shrunken to emoji size, so please make sure that the features you want to show off will be visible when small!

We hope you join in! We would love to see your designs!

:henopumpkin: :henopumpkin: :henopumpkin:


Guess I’ll be the first with my vampire Iruka emoji :eyes:
:vampru: :vampru: :vampru:

Also, if you wanted to make a vampire Ru, feel free to still do so - just because I did one, doesn’t mean you can’t! I’d love to see your design & add it to the emoji collection!


Sooo, i made this witchy Iruka x3
(I really really hope I’m posting this correctly xD)

Also, if you need me to change the size of the file or something like that, feel free to tell me, because i don’t understand this super advanced technology so much HAHAHAHA

(I want to also do a Kakashi, but since i don’t knoe if i will finish that, I’m gonna post this first x3)


AHH he looks adorable! I just went and created the emoji, and this is how it appears in both sizes: :witchru:
:witchru: :witchru: :witchru:

I think it looks nice with the white background, but if you want to get rid of it, what I usually do is just hide the canvas (the background) in my art program and then save the image without it.

If you want his features to be more visible, you may want to crop the image a bit, too; but it’s completely up to you whether you want to change anything or not!

I’ll keep this up as is, and if you decide to make any changes, I’ll update it when you’re ready!

Thanks for sending in such a wonderful emoji! :heart:

And yay for your first post! :chruparty:


I love this!!! Thank you so much for sharing it!!! I can’t wait to use it here!

Wait, it was supposed to be a transparent background >:c

Now i see the problem, everytime i try to upload the png picture, it automatically changes it to jpg TwT
Idk why, sorry ;W;

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I made a zombie Kakashi! :zomkashi:

Thought I’d share the original pic, too:

zombie kakashi emoji

Edit: It looks like Kakashi is coming closer & closer, and will try to get to us through the screen :joy:

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