[Comic] Hinamatsuri by Chun

Read chun’s comic here.

I’ve been trying to write a cute summary of this, but words are failing me. So, here, have the rough gist of it:

It’s Hinamatsuri, a festival in Japan for young girls. Iruka, who has a puppy crush on his friend, would like to see her doll display as surely it would be cute, and maybe he can ask her parents to make her his wife… only to find out Kakashi doesn’t have one, because he’s actually a boy. Here, he’ll prove it. He’ll still marry Iruka, no worries.

Flash forward to the present - Iruka is being accosted by a masked shinobi, who seems slightly upset that Iruka doesn’t remember him. A (terribly made) flower crown later, Iruka recognises him as Kakashi - who thinks that maybe Iruka still doesn’t remember… it’s alright, he’ll prove it again (the same way). Sorry for making you wait, let’s get married.

If anyone’s confused, Kakashi “proves” it by letting Iruka feel that he has a dick, ergo, I’m a guy / I’m Kakashi-chan.

Honestly all of Iruka’s expressions are hilarious, that’s why this comic is so enjoyable to look at.


I loved every piece of this comic, all the expressions, even the elephant! :elephant: :laughing: Thank you for reccing @rikacain!

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