A slight misunderstanding 😅

I told my husband a few months ago that I was shipping Kakashi and Iruka. He looked confused and seemed to wonder “…why,” so I explained that while Iruka may not be in Kakashi’s league in terms of power, Kakashi might need someone who can take good care of him. He seemed to accept this and move on.

For the past month, he’s heard me go on and on about my entry for the Four Seasons of KakaIru Gift Exchange. Tonight I was talking about the bad reactions I got when I cut Iruka’s hair in my fic, and how much people love his long hair.

My husband looked confused. Turns out this whole time he thought I was shipping Kakashi with EBISU


No wonder he was confused about how I could be into that!


Oh noooo! :joy: At least you know your husband loves you no matter who you ship lmao