A KakaIru canon theory

This link is to a theory I like (I am not the author). I urge you to read it, it’s a nice summary of Kakashi and Iruka interactions and the possibility of Boruto writers laying KakaIru canon hints as an homage to how popular the ship was during the height of Naruto. There’s no proof the writers are doing so but I like to believe it. Let me know what you think, if anything. ^3^

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Personally I think the showrunners are allowing for the possibility of fanservice as much as they possibly could without outright alluding to it - because fangirls have always been a constant source of money - so while I don’t outright buy that there’s a Kakairu canon, I do buy that they’ve always kept an eye on Kakairu (so that they can keep the popularity and hype and thus money going.) So a homage to the popularity of the ship is probably accurate.

One of the things the theory mentioned was that it was suspicious that Kakashi was still single - while I think Iruka is still single for the reason mentioned above, I think Kakashi is still single because he is so damned popular. With almost everyone. While I doubt that the showrunners would pay attention to the ship wars, I think they might just take the “female idols in Japan” treatment towards Kakashi, which is you leave him single for the imagined possibility of being his partner, or having a partner.

It certainly is lovely to believe though - that term of endearment, anata, never fails to make me smile. In that vein, I think you’ll find this a lovely read too - analysis by sub_textual.