PLEASE READ: Posting Guidelines

Us mods have gotten together for some serious brainstorming, and we now have a list of what we deem SFW, NSFW, and dark so you can easily figure out where to post things!


  • Partial nudity (No more exposure than you would see at the beach)

  • Implied sexual content

  • Light drinking (A drink to wind down after a long day, a couple of glasses of wine at dinner, etc. No more than a little tipsy!)

  • Canon-typical violence

  • Mentions of mental health issues

Mature, Explicit, and NSFW

  • Mature & Explicit sexual content including, but not limited to: sex, complete nudity, sexual attire (lingerie, latex outfits, etc.), sex toys, tame BDSM & kinks

  • Excessive alcohol consumption/ drunkenness (not an alcoholic)

  • Non-graphic pregnancies

  • Heavy angst

Mentions of drugs (read more)

This is meant in a more general setting, such as taking medicine, police enforcement, etc., as well as interacting with or walking past someone who is on drugs. It does not include any form of substance use or abuse (or implied of each). If you are going into details of either of those things, or implying them, please give it a CW!

If any NSFW topic contains elements of anything in the Dark list, it must have a CW!

Dark, triggering, and sensitive:

  • Substance use & abuse

  • Major character death

  • Eating disorders

  • Extreme graphic violence

  • Mental health issues

  • Abuse

  • Body horror, gore, and vore

  • Self harm & suicide

  • Dark sexual content (and implied) including, but not limited to: non-con, dub-con, omegaverse, bestiality, minors, incest, teacher/ student, explicit BDSM & kinks

Pregnancies & childbirth (read more)

As exciting & positive as pregnancies & childbirth can be, they are also sensitive topics, as they can be major triggers for those who have been unsuccessful, and/ or have had issues throughout the process. We have also deemed them as belonging under the branch of body horror, particularly with childbirth, and because of common squicks regarding pregnancies, so CWs must be applied.

All dark, triggering, and sensitive topics must have a CW as mentioned in the original post!

If you have any questions about any of this, or are still not sure about where to post something, please contact one of the mods so we can help you out!

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