Who would win the bell test if Iruka was helping Kakashi out?

If Kakashi was to do the bell test on Team Seven again, this time with seals master Iruka’s assistance (Kakashi still has the bells, but Iruka helps protect them), who do you think would win?

  • Kakashi & Iruka
  • Team Seven

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Honestly it depends.

If it’s younger team seven hands down Kakashi and iruka winning every time. Kakashi is an elite ninja on his own and iruka who probably knows a few good tricks would knock those kids out and then kick em while their down . (Not literally but yah know)

If it’s shippuden team seven… :thinking: I’m not sure. It would be fifty fifty me thinks. It would definitely be closer of a match for sure. I think if anything they’d be able to get at least one bell at the very least.

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Oh yeah, genin Team Seven wouldn’t stand a chance! :joy: I could see Iruka going easier on them than Kakashi, but only like, let them touch the bell, but not take it (probably because he really wants them to pass); but shippuden Team Seven, Iruka definitely wouldn’t be so lenient XD

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