Which of the Naruto series has the better storyline?

As the title says: which of these do you think has the better storyline?
I think we all know which one it’s not :wink:

  • Naruto
  • Naruto Shippuden
  • Boruto

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i admit to being wholly biased as i have watched only up to the chunin exams and got the rest of my knowledge from narutopedia

but the series started out real strong i dont think there’s many people who’d disagree :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen pretty much all of it, besides the latest of Boruto. There was also an arc in Shippuden that I skipped because it was very repetitive, and a couple of others because I was getting bored & just didn’t like them XD

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The earlier part of the series seemed to be gearing up to shaping Naruto into a ninja that rejects the shinobi system, especially during the Zabusa and Chuunin exams arc (with Haku’s death and the Hyuuga’s branch fam bs and Orochimaru invading the village to kill his old teacher) and his budding philosophy would’ve gone well with how the Leaf village screwed over the Uchiha, and how the Shinobi world treats Jinchuuriki, and the whole shebang could’ve evolved into a revolution or something that changed the system… But instead Shippuuden wanted to show aliens from the moon?? I guess??

Anyway Shippuuden felt too out of touch with the beginning story for me. And as for Boruto, I love the kids, but I don’t follow their storyline so much.

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Yeah, that’s a good point about Shippuden. I thought it started off alright, but when the plot shifted to space & stuff, it just kinda fell flat for me because it felt like it was getting more and more ridiculous (I preferred when it had more realistic themes). But in saying that, I did enjoy watching Naruto & his friends mature and grow throughout it.

I’m not minding Boruto, but if I’m being honest, I’m mainly watching it for all the episodes with Kakashi & Iruka XD I’m so mad at how they designed Iruka, but I still love seeing him in the series.

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Oh yeah the earlier half of shippuden did good with developing the characters, i especially loved Shikamaru’s development and some of the anime fillers are good in expanding the story, especially that one filler about Iruka and Kakashi’s mission that made Iruka decide to teach, wow that episode was good.

Yeah I think Kishimoto wanted a larger than life vibe for ending the series so he picked aliens, but it felt a little over reaching to me, idk. And yep, from what limited amount of Boruto I’ve seen, Kakashi is thriving and Iruka is happy so that’s good :smiley:

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