Which Jounin sensei does the Konoha 11 seek for advice from the most?

Sometimes teens need advice from an adult that is not their parents, so who does the Konoha 11 flock to when they need to talk to someone? Who do they tell their secrets to, ask for relationship advice, etc.?

Feel free to comment below who you think would be the worst Jounin sensei to go to :joy: (Nope, definitely not you, Kakashi. I would trust your relationship advice any day :joy: :joy: :joy:)

  • Gai
  • Asuma
  • Kurenai
  • Yamato
  • Kakashi

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Kurenai seems the motherly type who would definitely keep all the secrets and offer some sound advice and if she wasn’t sure would either help you do some research or guide you to someone who could.

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I’d say so, too - Kurenai would definitely be the type to do that!
Though there’s also an episode in Shippuden where it’s implied that some of the kids tell Yamato their secrets, too :eyes:

It’s in the war arc, in episode 279 of Shippuden, right at the end (I wrote it down for uh, reasons XD), and Kiba, Shino, and Hinata were talking about how the enemy got all their personal intel from Yamato; and all they were all like to themselves “Wait… does that mean the enemy know about that secret?” (a secret in which only Yamato knew about)

Since I saw that episode, I’ve just been imagining Yamato, been an ANBU for so long he barely has any social skills, and most certainly doesn’t know how to give advice; but all the teenagers come flocking to him, asking him all the stuff he doesn’t know how to answer like ‘how do you know when it’s not a crush anymore, but you’re in love?’, ‘how can I get x to like me?’, ‘how long should you be in a relationship before you do it?’, etc.

He’s just like “uhh…”, wondering what they saw that made them want to confide in him, wishing they’d gone & asked someone else; but he’s a good sport & wants the kids to like him, so he’ll listen, and try and come up with a reasonable response (which somehow always ends up being really good advice), and accidentally becomes everyone’s therapist XD

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Lol I didn’t know that. I recently decided to binge watch all seasons of Naruto, shippudden and boruto since I haven’t actually watched it in … a long time .