What would Kakashi and Iruka carve into their Pumpkins?

Another Monday, another meta discussion! This time, it’s Halloween themed (as the Meta Mondays will be for all of October!)

This weeks’ question is: What would Kakashi and Iruka carve into their Pumpkins?

Now, I wasn’t too sure what to answer for this, but after thinking I have an idea.

Kakashi would carve his ninken on the pumpkins. He’d use four, and get all eight on each pumpkin. Maybe though, he’d have to reserve one for Bull because he’s so big. And maybe Pakkun gets a special pumpkin of his own?

Iruka would of course stick to the traditional Jack-O-Lantern shapes. But, I think after he gets closer to Naruto, he’ll try to learn all kinds of unique designs: witches riding on brooms, cats, ghosts, etc.

What about you? What do you think Iruka and Kakashi would carve on their pumpkins?


Ohhh thats a fun one!
My hc Iruka is full of fluff when it comes to Naruto. So when Naruto was little, Iruka had carved a cute version of Kurama one year, Naruto himself (whiskers an all) the next year and one year, their first halloween with Kakashi, they carved a scarecrow, a dolphin and a fox :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Apparently, I am full of flufff when it comes to Iruka and little Naruto as well O.O

Meanwhile, my hc Kakashi is full of shit so his pumpkin usually resembles a certain, in green spandex covered, jounin. :joy: :joy:


I love this idea! I love DadRuka! And Kakashi being a troll to Gai is definitely something I see him doing!

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I love the ninkin for kakashi! I think Iruka would be a huge over achiever and carve an amazing bowl of ramen! With Naruto.
OR Iruka would suck and barely be able to carve two triangles and a mouth hahahahaha
Secretly I love the second option. But Iruka is a real ninja so I’m sure he could do the first?


Oh, that’s such a cute idea! I now have these ideas of Iruka trying to carve a Ramen bowl or some other intricate shape into a pumpkin for Naruto’s first Halloween with him. But he fails, and he ends up creating the normal two triangles and a mouth Jack-o-lantern instead. That’s such a cute fic idea too!


Yes! It’s like his cooking skills. There are none. Hahahaha

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