What kakairu creation of yours are you most proud of?

There’s always a sense of accomplishment that comes with completing fanfic, fanart, and other creations; and I believe each time something is finished, there’s always something to be proud about - first time tackling a certain topic, managing to reach a certain word limit, writing a scene really well, drawing the perfect hand, etc.

So my question is, what are you most proud of? Which of your kakairu, Kakashi, or Iruka creations do you love the most (or a lot, if you don’t have a favourite), and why?

I’d love to see what you’re most happy about! :grin:

probably most proud of one of my completed fics, where i decided it would be totally reasonable and more importantly, hilarious to make a character eat their own jutsu.

and i always thought my sense of humour was terrible but apparently it landed really well!

what about you? :stuck_out_tongue:

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‘Left Behind’ hands down is the piece I’m most proud of.

  1. The art Ruthea did as a commission for it is fucking beautiful.

  2. It was my first attempt at that kind of material (seriously wtf is it with me and killing characters I like) and I was utterly amazed how well it went down with people despite the content. Up until that point I’d only really written humor with the occasional bit of seriousness (I think)

  3. It was the first piece I actively put forward to be criticised and felt confident to do so. And it made me think ‘huh, maybe I don’t completely suck at this’.

  4. It holds more of a personal meaning now than when I wrote it considering where I work.

So yeah it holds a special place in heart.


What’s the name of the fic? I feel like it’s something I’ve read before, but I’m terrible at remembering names & titles :sweat_smile:

As for what I’m proudest of… I’m actually quite proud of one of my more recent fics, “Ace of Hearts”. I was so worried that I hadn’t portrayed asexuality properly, since my understanding came from my own experiences (was questioning at the time); but all I’ve had is positive responses so far, and confirmation from someone ace that I did get it right. So I’m proud of that :blush:

Death & loss is something that really gets to me bc of all my experiences w/ it, so I don’t usually read it; but I guess I’m feeling like a bit of a masochist today, because I just went and read your fic anyway… I cried, but I still like it :grin: You did a good job breaking my heart lmao

@kakairu-shrine fic’s called three guys and lessons on botany, though it’s kkirten more than kkir.

also that’s great that you got feedback on your characterisation! i hope that you’ve found answers to your question by now. that is something to be proud of indeed

@LadySmaell is it that fic where iruka just bought presents for kakashi before he died for all the birthdays he’d miss?? that fic is so tragic aaaaaaa

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@rikacain Yeah that’s the one. I apparently am a sadist who enjoys ripping people’s souls out.


Back in the day of deviantART I collabed with some folks to make a doujinshi based off the Fanfic “Mission Iruka”, which at the time I was happy simply to do anything at all to help create, let alone edit the dialogue and provide flat colors we didn’t actually print XD I also was in the Kakairu Zine last year (2018) and was proud to participate in that.

Hmmm…but as of right now, and something I solely created, it’s a toss up between my fic “Path to Us” and my bigbang fic I’m working on still :heart:

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Apparently I hadn’t read it; but I just did, and I really enjoyed it :grin: I think the idea was quite clever, and it certainly made me laugh; so great job! :blush:

I have definitely found my answers now :blush: My fic started out as just a random idea; but by the time I finished writing it, it became a lot closer to home. Writing certainly has a way of helping to figure things out! :grin: :writing_hand:

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It’s great that you’ve got a lot you’re proud of! :grin: I’ve seen “Path to Us” in the fanworks section, and have been meaning to read it, so I just did… and I absolutely love it! You did such a great job! :heart: :revolving_hearts:

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:sob: :heart: Thank you! You just made my morning with that sweet comment you left on it!

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I’m glad :blush: :heart: And I meant every word I said. Your fic really is that good; and you should definitely be proud of it! I’m so pleased you shared it :heart:

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@Narutav Wait wtf you were part of the “Mission Iruka” Doujin team??? SQUEES I still have my copy of that!!! Worth every bloody penny!

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Yup! I’m the first one listed under “In Collaboration With” with my ancient deviantART name Cruel-Alchemist :laughing: I was supposed to do flat colors for a colored version of the doujinshi but Lei-sam never had time to send me the Photoshop files with the pages in them, so I wound up doing editing for dialogue. I met Kiterieaine on accident when we sat at the tables next to each other at the Swap Meet at Yaoicon the next year, it was a wild coincidence. She was selling a Spanish copy of the doujin and I pointed it out like “oh hey I was a small part of that” and then it was a double take moment for both kf us lmao

@Narutav That is so freaking awesome. Kiterie was one of the reasons I got back into writing, I utterly fell in love with Mission Iruka and it just inspired me to give it another go.

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She’s the reason I got into writing them in fanfic too! I fell in love with her work after finding her on dA, and she’s so nice that we became friends, which only inspired me further :heart_eyes: :heart: She wrote a couple of original BL books because of her fanfic writing and I’ve always been hella inspired by that.

Yeah, I have mad respect for her even now. I’ve always wanted to write something originally, I’m terrible at creating characters though.

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Whereas characters I’m great at, it’s getting more than a vague sense of the world and plot down, so I can actually write them into a real story that I struggle with :sob: At least we’ll always have fanfiction :sweat_smile:

@LadySmaell @Narutav I believe that both of you have the potential to do completely original work :blush: You write well, and have good ideas in your fics; and I think if you put your mind to it, you could make really good original stories.

In my experience, it is a bit harder since it takes more thought, planning, and perhaps more imagination, but it’s completely doable; especially if you’re already a writer, which you are (fanfic counts, too!).

The aspects you guys are worried about can easily be developed, too; so don’t let that hold you back, if creating something original is what you want to do :heart:


Gosh that is a tough one!

I think I would have to say 3 fics - The Forgotten which is my first multi chapter. I started it not long after I first started writing and the feedback I have gotten so far has been wonderful. It’s not finished yet, but I can see how my writing has grown and seeing that with each chapter is really cool.

Hold Me Close - because that was such an emotional and hard fic to write because it’s based on my own experiences but I managed to channel them into something that seemed to resonate with many, or leave them with many feels. It is just a fic that I look at and think yeah, I am proud of that.

Also, my collab fic with my best friend, Aryagraceling, called Through The Looking Glass that we wrote for kkir week. It was our first attemp writing a collab, and whilst it didn’t get the feedback we’d hoped for, I am super proud of it. (Looks like a lot of comments but its mostly me and Ary replying)

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