What categories should we have?

Hello Everyone and welcome!

This forum is still brand-new :star2: I’ve added some topics, but I’d love to hear some input on what else would be good to have. :slight_smile:

@rikacain You mentioned an RP category in the intro thread, and I think that would be great! :+1:

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personally i don’t rp myself (anymore) but we could set one up for others to use!

Translation/transcripts, esp. for doijinshi? I’m rusty, and I mostly did academic texts, but…

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I was wondering if we could put a sort of ideas area? Like say you have an idea for a piece but you would like some input from another source.

I made the Feedback corner category :+1:

Thank you sweetie​:heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ive been wondering…since I havent seen any threads/discussions of naruto characters other than in polls - where would I put content regarding characters other than beloved KakIru and do you even want this content here?

(I posted this question in the wrong corner initially. If you happen to find a deleted post by me - its probably this one!)

Hmm… Us mods will need to have a discussion about this, I think, before we can give you an answer.

Ultimately, the forum is for KakaIru content, but as you’ve pointed out, we have branched off a little into Naruto in general with our polls, too; and we do have an Other pairings category for Kakashi & Iruka ships that aren’t KakaIru… :thinking:

I’ll get back to you soon, and let you know what we decide!

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@CorynHope I’ve spoken with the other mods, and we’re all in agreement that since the forum is for KakaIru, and KakaIru-related things, we would prefer to limit the amount of non-KakaIru content there is, so we won’t be making any specific places to post content about other characters.

Another reason, too, is that because the forum archives information, and it doesn’t get lost very easily, we don’t want to risk people easily finding an “Other Characters” area and posting there all the time, but not the main KakaIru places, and essentially overtaking the forum & turning it into a general Naruto hub.

In saying that, though, there’s a few places you can talk about other characters:

  • Mention them in Meta Monday discussions (eg. talking about how Kakashi & Iruka’s friends would react to a certain situation they’re in)
  • Answering one of our Naruto Poll questions. (If you have any similar questions about other characters, you can ask them in the form of a poll there, too)
  • The Other pairings category, which is for Kakashi and Iruka with a different partner
  • Feedback Corner if you’re stuck working another character into your creation, discussing general topics like world-building, etc.

If you’re wanting to post art, fics, etc. that have nothing to do with Kakashi or Iruka, I would suggest checking out discord, as there are some servers such as The Kakashi Lounge, and <3 KakaIru <3 that have off-topic areas specifically for that!

I hope that helps!

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It does, thank you :grinning: