War Bride - rageprufrock

Look, if anyone ever talked to me for an upwards of one hour, then this is the fic i will gush about for the rest of my life. it opened my eyes to a heck ton of things - it literally changed my life. never have i whispered words from fanfics to myself in the shower while making whale noises right after -


well, basically, here is my rec! i love War Bride by rageprufrock, a story that has a simple premise: miscommunication, yearning despite being in a relationship, and marriage (what a combination!) but somehow, somehow… the emotional build up is exquisite. the casual character insights heart-rending yet entirely accurate, and the cadence of the fic mesmerising. i swear i almost heard a summer storm in the middle of january.

anyway, i would recommend reading and rereading this fic over and over again, along with pru’s other fics, White Wedding and Telephone. Read War Bride here on ao3!

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Oh man I just read it. That was beautiful.