Twitter-Exclusive Translation Masterpost

Due to the recent onslaught of artists locking their twitter because of reposters, I decided that going forward it would be best to ask their permission before translating and posting the translation on the forum. Some artists have been kind enough to allow embedded tweets in the forum, but some have specified that they would like the translation to remain attached to them on twitter.

I’m hoping that this would establish some goodwill that I’m a generally decent person to be allowed to translate their artworks and they would refrain from locking me out (so that I can translate more stuff in the future).

This masterpost would be for the latter, if there are any more.

What I’ll be doing is trying to link the tweet without the pictures in this topic, and including the translation beneath. You can either click on the tweet and see the picture and translation below, or just switch back and forth between tabs as you view the picture and the translation. But there’ll be very little pictures on this post :sweat_smile:

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PSA: Konoha-style! Washing Hands no Jutsu


Iruka: Today I’ll be teaching all you good children “Konoha-style Hand Washing Jutsu!”

After wetting your hands, soap your hands and go through the entire twelve hand seals. We’ll be starting from “Rat”. Let’s do it together with sensei!

Naruto: Do the “Rasengan” right here! [1]
Iruka: O-oi Naruto! I’m still in the middle of explanations!
Kakashi: RAIKIRI!!!

Naruto: How nostalgic! When I see this, I remember the twelve hand seals - dattebayo!
Kakashi: Naruto, continue (washing your hands) properly. It has to be for more than 20 seconds right?
Iruka, who was here first tyvm: (This space feels so) narrow… [2]

[1] This phrase may be slightly inaccurate, since I honestly have no clue what the hiragana in front could possibly mean.
[2] More accurately, confined. I don’t have a way to make this more… English-friendly rip.

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I think this is a good idea. The forum software automatically creates the embeds, but if the artists have expressed their wishes so, we should do our best to respect them! :slight_smile:

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