[Translation] Twitter art by kuri_p

Somewhat paraphrased translation - omiai can be a blind date, but also an arranged marriage interview:

:smoking: Man, being set up with someone is so troublesome…
:eggplant: Yeah.
:dolphin: Asuma-san, Hatake-jonin. Welcome back!
:smoking: Ah, Iruka! we drinking tonight?
:dolphin: If it’s Asuma-san’s treat, we can go anytime! Sorry, I have to go now!
:eggplant: … how do you know him?
:smoking: He is something like a little brother, heh.
:eggplant: Getting set up…
:smoking: Huh?
:eggplant: Set me up with him now!!


it won’t be a blind date if you’re interested in iruka, kakashi :joy:

this artist also has a tumblr account too! as well as stories in English attached to their pictures. I won’t be surprised if there’s a fic coming out for this piece of art hahaha

I sort of have a feeling that omiai turned out to be more arrange marriage interview with that :joy:

Oh, thank you for linking that, I didn’t know! That would be pretty sweet :sparkles:

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