Thoughts on the logo?

Changing the default Discourse logo :arrow_up: would be great. But idk what to. (Or how.)

might be worth lookin into what’s the recommended size for the logo in pixels. (also google says to look into a document called “READ ME FIRST: Admin Quick Start Guide” topic that comes with every Discourse in the Staff category…?

You are absolutely right, I should have definitely given the sizes. I was just a little boggled by all the different types; my sole experience is with favicons. :sweat_smile: These are the descriptions available in the settings:

  • logo: The logo image at the top left of your site. Use a wide rectangular image with a height of 120 and an aspect ratio greater than 3:1. If left blank, the site title text will be shown.
  • logo small: The small logo image at the top left of your site, seen when scrolling down. Use a square 120 × 120 image. If left blank, a home glyph will be shown.
  • digest logo: The alternate logo image used at the top of your site’s email summary. Use a wide rectangle image. Don’t use an SVG image. If left blank, the image from the logo setting will be used.
  • mobile logo: The logo used on mobile version of your site. Use a wide rectangular image with a height of 120 and an aspect ratio greater than 3:1. If left blank, the image from the logo setting will be used.
  • large icon: Image used as the base for other metadata icons. Should ideally be larger than 512 x 512. If left blank, logo_small will be used.
  • manifest icon: Image used as logo/splash image on Android. Will be automatically resized to 512 × 512. If left blank, large_icon will be used.
  • favicon: A favicon for your site, see To work correctly over a CDN it must be a png. Will be resized to 32x32. If left blank, large_icon will be used.
  • apple touch icon: Icon used for Apple touch devices. Will be automatically resized to 180x180. If left blank, large_icon will be used.
  • opengraph image: Default opengraph image, used when the page has no other suitable image. If left blank, large_icon will be used
  • twitter summary large image: Twitter card ‘summary large image’ (should be at least 280 in width, and at least 150 in height). If left blank, regular card metadata is generated using the opengraph_image.

I think a logo would be enough for a start. :exploding_head:

I’ve done logos/headers before, I could try to make one for the forum if you want! Just send me the pictures, size, and how do you want it and I’ll do it :smiley:


ack we prolly have to decide on a picture first! honestly all i have in my head r now is a cartoon dolphin and scarecrow…

from the logo sizes above, i think only three are absolutely necessary:

the long logo, with a size of 120 x 360 px
the square logo with two sizes: 120 x 120 px and 512 x 512 px

but honestly whatever we use is prolly acceptable as long as its not explicit!

Oh wow, thank you so much! That would be so cool. :star_struck:

Hmm, I don’t know if it should be an image-image though. Maybe stylized letters? But then again, my aesthetic sense is severely lacking.

Also the issue of copyright! It should be something we are free to use.

@rikacain Are you sure this is the logo/header size? 120x360px would look like this lol

too small

@artsies yeah I was going to use official art (i think everyone can use those??) since fanarts are off limits. I like these but what do you think? :eyes:

Ofiicial art ♥

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I… think I have the sizes swapped around hahah. I’m really not used to graphics!!! :sob: that said it should be 360 x 120 px apparently

that doodle of kakashi and iruka are real cute tho!!! ahahaha also oooo official arrt

These. Chibis. Are. Adorable!!! :skull_and_crossbones: I would love to have these as a logo, actually! :pray: Please, could we have them facing each other saying kakairu / rocks for the wide logo? pleeeeeeaaaaaase

(Also, to answer your question: fanart is off the limits insofar as an artist doesn’t consent. Official art is even more off-limits in the sense that it is publsihed and copyrighted material and we would def get into legal trouble for that. I invoke my legal counsel @rikacain :wink: )

Actually that’s a bit, unclear if we’re being honest.

I’m not sure where y’all are, but in some places you just get copyright by publishing (ie. no need to register it and all that.) And I… think we might fall under the whole personal use exception in using copyright (at least under Japanese laws), especially when it’s done so for “purpose… within a limited circle.” And if not that, then under the non-commercial use, which is also protected under Japanese laws.

So I think legally speaking…

Fanart MAY be fair game (depending on country of origin) BUT we are morally bound to not use it without the artists’ consent.

Official art won’t be likely to bring the wrath of Kishimoto down our heads, as we are using it for personal and non-commercial use. So we can prolly use it.

Best and safest choice is getting consent for fanart, of course, but official art will do in a pinch. To which I’m adding my voice to - those chibis really, really are cute. ;D

Oh, I always thought using official art was ok if it was for non-commercial use. But if it could get us in trouble then I won’t touch them, just to be sure :grimacing: lol I’m glad you like them XD I never thought about using my own art to make the header tbh but we can use it if you guys want!

I made this gif for a kakairu spanish event a couple of years ago, maybe I could adapt it to this forum? Change the size, text, etc~

Christmass gif

Or this one??

KakaIru chibis

I will let you guys decide! I’m still not sure about the size tho. I was thinking something bigger would be nice? Or just a text with simple chibis like the ones i did for the 120x360px example sdfsg idk.

example here

@rikacain Wouldn’t the location of the server and the maintainer be the deciding factor in this case, that is, wouldn’t the site fall under the copyright law of wherever the server itself is? (In this case, Germany.) :confused:

@annie I’d really love your art as the logo! :heart_decoration: I think the chibi heads like the Christmas gif would be great. Basically as you said text with simple chibis like the example from before.

I’m not really sure about the sizes though? I mean, the logo changes as you scroll down, so wouldn’t the jump from a large logo to a small one be too jarring? I have the aesthetic sense of a rock though, so imma let you two weigh in on that. :joy_cat:

Yeah, it would, good catch. Still, German law allows non-commercial personal use too (after a quick skim-through of the act) so it still applies.

Guh, copyright law.

also, regarding the logo - from the logo sizes u posted up in an earlier post, apparently what happens is that there are two separate logos. so when u open the site there’s a rectangular Discourse logo, and when u scroll down it “shortens” to a square D logo.

That’s what happen, and why I asked for two sizes - one rectangular and one square. So the rectangular logo (the 360 px x 120 px) would be the first thing ppl see - and the square logo would be what they see when they scroll down, and the favicon of the website itself.

I hope that makes sense? hahaha

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@artsies & @rikacain Sorry for taking so long! And yes yes it made perfect sense! I need to do the little one now ^^u But here’s the “big” one. If there’s something you would like to change pls tell me and I’ll edit it!



aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :heart::revolving_hearts::heart: I love it, thank you so much!!! It’s perfect!


I’m glad you like it but… Did the website rezise it?? It looks so small :sob::joy:

it looks like it did… :grimacing: i don’t know what it wants, it says “a height of 120 px” and "an aspect ratio greater than 3:1 ". what do you want from us, discourse? :sob:

Ok that’s cute as heck :grin::grin:

Okay but like that’s the cutest damn thing ever :heart_eyes: