"My Hokage" by YukiSykes

I’ve always wanted a fic where Sarutobi had Iruka inherit the role of Hokage, because I’ve always thought it was be an amazing idea to play with, and this fic delivers. Iruka is a fuuinjutsu master, so his skills are not in question, but where Iruka really shines as Hokage is his political and diplomatic prowess and that just GETS TO ME. IN THE BEST WAY. Not only that, we’re learning what it means for Umino Iruka to be Hokage from the eyes of Kakashi, and that makes this whole fic even better. It’s open-ended, with no explicit ship content, but it is Kakairu and honestly it ends perfectly in my opinion. Though I’m a greedy bastard and want a sequel very much :heart_eyes:

Fix on AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/3146960


i remember reading this! i think i’m delighted by the idea that the hokage has to be more than just the strongest shinobi, but they have to have political and diplomatic skills - since leadership is most effective when you can circumvent conflicts, or minimise them.

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I love that fic! It’s view of Iruka as Hokage and Kakashi as ANBU is perfect and their interactions are precious! I would really love to have a sequel.
I highly recomend it, great rec!

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Iruka as Hokage is a surprisingly little seen trope! I feel like I’ve only seen one other really shortfic that I particularly liked, but it didn’t go terribly in depth. :confounded: