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@oneinist joined the Mod team in Aug 2021, and they’ve been working tirelessly since to help us make the forum an even greater place to be. They’re the expert who put together our Prompt Generator, and they have many other talents that they’ll be showcasing in the months to come (we wish we could tell you more!)!

Oneinist is a friendly soul who would be more than happy to help you find your way around the forum, so if you’re ever stuck, you can go to them for assistance!



How long have you been shipping KakaIru?

It was a gradual awakening from the anime days. I lurked for ages and became an active creator in summer 2021.

What are your favourite tropes to indulge in? Do you have any specific storylines you like within those tropes?

Based on my mood it varies but I enjoy Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Whump (either of the pair getting hurt and saved basically) and domestic fluff. Love a good Omegaverse setting too, and mission fics - my gosh, this doesn’t stop does it. I love crossover fanart too.

Do you like Kakashi, or Iruka more?

Both, we like both.

Out of your own KakaIru creations, which is your favourite?

I don’t have one, all my fics and drawings hold special places in my heart for being made at all.

What is your favourite ramen flavour?

Miso Chashu, extra chashu.