Meta Monday: Worst When Getting The Flu

Who is the worst when they get the flu?

I think Kakashi & Iruka would both be bad in their own ways. Iruka is a stubborn workaholic, so he would still go to work regardless of how sick he is; and if his co-workers can actually convince him to go home (sometimes they have to call Kakashi in for back up because he’s the only one Iruka will listen to), rather than relax or sleep like a normal person, he still keeps trying to work or use the opportunity to clean the house up a little.

That is, if Kakashi is not around. Kakashi knows how Iruka gets, so he won’t let him do a thing; and if he finds out he’s sick when he’s about to leave for a mission, or can’t be home with him, he summons his ninken to babysit look after him.

As for Kakashi, when he’s got the flu, it hits him bad, and he is out of commission until he is better. He also tends to feel very sorry for himself when he’s sick, and shamelessly seeks Iruka’s attention all the time, and asks for favours, like if he could get him certain things, or feed him his chicken soup.

Iruka will help him out, and humour him for a bit, especially since it’s not often he gets sick & needs to be taken care of, but when he can tell that Kakashi is just trying to take advantage of the situation, he’ll put his foot down, because he doesn’t mind help his suffering husband, but he doesn’t want to be a nanny for an overgrown baby XD

What do you think?


Totally Kakashi for me. See, Iruka is somehow used to getting the flu being around kids so much, it doesn’t hit as hard for him. But, Kakashi, oh my, he goes down as if chakra depleted, and Iruka will have to take care of him, and Kakashi secretly loves it.

I like how we both think it hits Kakashi the worst :wink:


Yes! Kakashi is such a sook when he gets sick, and definitely loves the attention :joy:

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Omg I totally see kakashi over reacting because he knows it’s not serious. Like the more serious the problem the less he shows the pain. So a light flu? He’s MILKING THAT SHIT. He’s getting Iruka to take care of him acting like he can’t even lift a finger hahaha. He knows damn well he’s gunna be fine.
Iruka I could see working thru it. Not even realizing he’s sick. I love this meta Monday!!


I’m sorry I do not have anything constructive to write, but Manda YEEEEES :joy: