Meta Monday: Worst Sleeping habits

Another Monday means another Meta Discussion!

This weeks’ question is: Who has the worst sleeping habits?

I thought about this a bit and realized the answer is it depends. Kakashi likely has bad ones in the sense that he won’t seek out help when he has trouble sleeping or will shy away from touch after waking up with terrible nightmares. But then there is Iruka who likely comes to bed late, is a blanket hog, and is a cuddl meaning the touch averse people might feel uncomfortable.

But what do you think? Who has the worst sleeping habits?

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Ooooh interesting. Canon shows Iruka sleeping poorly and waking from night mares. And also shows kakashi’s doing the same!
So it’s hard to say which one will be worse. I think that both our Men will have healed a bit of that after the war.
Kakashi dealt with a lot and seems “better” after the war? I’m not so sure about Iruka. I wish we got more on him dealing with naruto being friends with kurama! Like I need to know if Iruka deals with that fear! If not he’s still waking from nightmares for sure.
So Iruka maybe a bad sleeper still in blank period. Maybe kakashi tries to help him thru it?!
Hmmm this is a HARD question.
I like your thought tho… I want Iruka to cuddle!!!
How funny would it be if kakashi was the cuddly one tho?!

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I could actually see Kakashi being the cuddler and it being a product of his childhood. Imagine tiny Kakashi surrounded by the pack after Sakumo’s death, and getting used to it. He tries to avoid sleeping near others on missions because they inevitably get cuddled.

Oh, now I’m totally imaging Tenzo learning to seek comfort because Kakashi cuddles him on a mission one night. And Gai sneaking into his apartment whenever he hears Kakashi has a bad mission so he can provide Kakashi some support.

And Iruka, well, I think if he ever found that out, he’d take full advantage of it too.

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Love this idea!!! Because of the pack he loves to cuddle!!!

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