Meta Monday: Who would be the Ultra-fan?

Hello all! Mod @kaoruhana here again! :wave:

It’s been 2 Mondays since the last Meta post, so here we go again: another Meta Monday! As a reminder (and I promise, this will be the last time I do this):
1. First, the theme these next few weeks football (soccer) in honor of World Cup 2022! :soccer: Mod Kaoruhana is a big football fan so she can’t help herself.
2. Second, Meta Mondays will now be bi-weekly. We think, and hope it’ll foster more creativity in the forum as you’ll now have more time to share your headcanons about a certain topic. Do let us know what you think though. While we mods may think it’s a good idea, you all may have different ideas, and we’re always open to suggestions!

And with that said, here we go with the next Question: Who is the ultra fan?

Ultra fans: we kind of love them and hate them. We love their enthusiasm and support, their face paint, the drums, the flags, their energy. They’re one of a kind! And they can be of course, in some cases, just as violent with their energy in not so good ways. In those cases, you want them away from you.

When it comes to KakaIru, I think Iruka would be the Ultra-fan. He just strikes me as the person who goes all out, with the face paint, the drums, the flag waving, everything. After all, you can’t enjoy a game without really getting into it you know?

Meanwhile, Kakashi over here, is the kind who maybe wears a jersey (at least he’ll try to sport a soccer scarf or two) and cheers and claps for his team but doesn’t get as wild and raucous as Iruka’s side of the stadium.

But what do y’all think?

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