META MONDAY: Who is the Biggest Coffee Snob?

Another Monday, another Meta Discussion! This month, the theme is: Coffeeshop AU! Today’s Meta discussion will continue our month long talk about all our Coffeeshop headcanons for KKIR!

This week’s question is:

Who is the bigger coffee snob?

Kakashi- Kakashi all the way. Iruka to me is the type of person to only ask two questions: “Does it have caffeine? Can I drink it?”

Kakashi though I think would know the perfect temperature for his brew, the perfect blend of beans, the amount of steepage needed for the perfect brew, the right weather to enjoy a good cup. Yes, Kakashi to me would be the biggest coffee snob there is and would force himself to perfect each cup. It drives him insane when Iruka asks for a cup of coffee and just downs it without appreciating the blend and it annoys Iruka when Kakashi can’t just make a “cup of coffee” but has to go all out in perfecting the blend.

But what do y’all think?


OMG I concuuuur!!! I have the exact same take. Iruka is in it for the caffeine! And Kakashi would absolutely pay attention to every detail from flavour, to colour to texture to temperature - he’d have different cups and glasses for the type of coffee too. And I bet Kakashi almost loses it if Iruka tries to make coffee for them with Kakashi’s beans “Nooo, that is not what you’d use for a latteeeee”.

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In that case, Iruka keeps instant coffee at his place—the quicker to get it into his veins—and Kakashi is completely scandalized by the prospect.


“Where’s the coffee, Iruka?” Kakashi calls from the kitchen.

“In the cupboard above the stove!” Iruka answers back.

Kakashi grumbles, doesn’t Iruka know that the heat from the stove will degrade the beans? He tries to resign himself to substandard coffee as he opens the cupboard door.

“Iruka, I don’t see the beans…” Kakashi’s voice trails off in horror as the truth dons on him—Iruka doesn’t keep coffee beans. Instead, he haa a large glass jar labeled ‘Instant Coffee.’

Iruka walks into the kitchen. “Oh good, you found it!” He flips the switch on the electric kettle and grabs two mugs for them to enjoy their morning brew.


I am loving this Nik, thank you for treating us to this scenario!!! It got me thinking - what if next to the instant coffee there is a tiny jar of powder creamer - I feel like that would be the final nail in the coffin XD

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lol! Yes, there absolutely would be!