Meta Monday: Who is the Better Baker?

Who is the Better Baker?

I think it would be Iruka. Iruka likes structure and rules and because he is detail-oriented he likes that baking is precise. Kakashi bakes on occasion, but he’s more of an on-the-fly guy, so he prefers cooking over baking.

Iruka’s favorite things to bake are bread and muffins because Kakashi likes to eat them and he bakes a cake for Naruto every year for his birthday.

What do you think? Who is the better baker?


Kakashi is the better baker - for me, Iruka is absolutely inept around the kitchen. For Kakashi, every new dish, every cake, pie, pastry, everything, is a challegen he masters strategically. Iruka is good at planning, organising, keeping things (and people) in line and overall hes more put together, obviously lol And hes good at eating everything Kakashi serves him.


To me, Iruka is bad at cooking but not at baking. He learned to bake because he likes to bring biscuits and muffins to his students and also to Boruto and Sarada :blue_heart:.

Kakashi is also very good but doesn’t like baking that much because he hates sweets.

I don’t know who’s better, but I think Kakashi would bake beautiful and delicate cakes while Iruka would bake the kind of not-so-well-presented but delicious cake that a grandmother would make for her grandchildren.

So they’re both good at in their own way :blue_heart:


Sorry for the late reply! I like this idea of Iruka baking for the grandkids! And the students! And I can definitely see Kakashi whipping out the best gateaus for Iruka’s birthday or other special occasions!

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Sorry for the late reply! This is such a nice thought too! Kakashi being meticulous in his meal making makes sense to me too! I can see him organizing the fridge: Today is Monday, eggs for breakfast, and so on!
He would definitely see cooking as a challenge!

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