Meta Monday: Who is most likely to own a magic Mary Poppins style bag?

Meta Monday: Who is most likely to own a Mary Poppins style bag?

For those of you who don’t know, Mary Poppins was a magical nanny who had this bag that seemed to fit everything under the sun in it. I’m talking a bag you could step into to find things, a bag that was the size of a backpack but housed entire furniture in it, etc. So, I had to wonder, who out of Iruka and Kakashi would have such a bag?

I think it would be Iruka. See Iruka works with children, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned about children, they will get into anything and everything. And somehow Iruka will need to have everything in his bag. I’m not just talking your regular first aid kits, and tissues, either. I mean, scrolls holding blankets and extra clothes, emergency snacks, all kinds of weather gear, etc.

Kakashi, having had to become a shinobi at a young age and roughing it in ANBU, likely just adapts with what he’s got.

But, I’m curious: what do you all think?


My first thought upon seeing the question was also Iruka, for many of the same reasons. It also fits with one of my favourite fanon tropes: seal master Iruka. He would have the need and skill to create such a thing… and I believe he has that lovely messanger bag in canon.


Oh, that’s something I hadn’t considered! Great idea of him using his seals to make the bag!

100% agree!!! YES! Seals master Iruka yes

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Glad you’re in agreement too! I love this idea and I’m now going to run with it!

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