Meta Monday; Who is Better at Giving Gifts

Who is better at giving gifts?

I think Iruka would be the better gift-giver of the two of them. Iruka always goes the extra mile when giving gifts: he’ll look into the person’s likes and dislikes, pay careful attention to them and their habits, and makes it a point to know what things someone would prefer as a gift. Sometimes, he’ll even just keep tabs on someone and gift them things when they’re running low on something.

Kakashi usually buys gifts last minute and while his are nice to get, Iruka’s are always more meaningful. And between the two of them, Iruka is the one who does all the important gift shopping.

But what do y’all think?


I agree. Iruka would be a super good gift giver, he knows everyone and remembers a lot of small details, what they like, what they dislike.

Kakashi on the other hand I think would be shy about it. He is good to remember details, but he does that practically. He is not sure what counts as good gifs.

He does not like showing weekness or lack in skill, but if they were in a relatinship, Iruka would sure pick up on it and help him. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And here is how a new HC is born: Kakashi bakes the best cookies in Konoha and decorates them with the most amazing not overly sweet icing. He also makes chocolate truffles, the most perfectly shaped and full of delightful flavour - Tsunade gets sake-flavoured ones and she forgives him for all the dumb shit he did all year. Everyone in the village wants to be on his gift list for the holidays!

Iruka’s gifts ugly sweaters because it is the most awesome tradition he knows of that draws lots of laughter out of everyone.

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