It’s another Monday, so that means it’s time for another Meta Discussion! This time around, the theme is “travel” and we’ve already covered one of the question: “Who brings the most souvenirs?” This time around, we’ve got a new question on the theme of travel for you!

The next question on the travel theme is:

“Who has travelled to the most places?

The answer here is Kakashi for me. And well, it’s simply that because compared to Iruka Kakashi has definitely been on way more trips outside the village. Iruka has been to some pretty cool places I assume, but I’m pretty sure he’s definitely stuck close to home. Kakashi though, in ANBU, outside of ANBU would definitely have travelled the world.

Even in an AU setting, I see Iruka sticking close to home, but Kakashi being a jet setter.

But that’s is what I think. What about you all?


Agreed, Kakashi is the more frequent traveler. Iruka might enjoy travel, but his opportunities are more limited.

Right? To me Iruka is a hometown boy always!