Meta Monday: What would Iruka and Kakashi's roles be in a band?

Meta Monday: What would Iruka and Kakashi’s roles be in a band?

Now, I’m cheating here as I once wrote a fic where Iruka and Kakashi are in a band. And in it, I put in all of my musician head canons for Kakashi and Iruka.

I can only ever see Iruka as the lead vocalist/singer in any band he’s part of. That’s not to say he can’t play an instrument or two, but I just think Iruka would be the voice that draws people into the band.

Kakashi, I think would be your guitar expert. I just picture Kakashi shredding it on stage on his electric guitar during a concert solo and the crowd going wild! And tell me, you can’t imagine it: Kakashi in leather pants and a ripped shirt, guitar in his hands and white hair glistening even brighter under the stage light, doing solos on his guitar.

I’d pay to go to that concert!

But, what about you all? What do you think Iruka and Kakashi’s roles would be in a band?