Meta Monday: What summer Olympic Sport would Iruka and Kakashi play?

Another Monday, another Meta Discussion! This month, we’ll be dealing with Olympic Sports! Over the course of the next four weeks, let’s talk about all our Olympic Sports headcanons for KKIR!

To start things off, we’ll begin with this week’s question:

What Summer Olympics Sport would Iruka and would Iruka and Kakashi play?

I had to create a list for this one and cross things off, but I’ve narrowed it down to the following:

Kakashi: I think Kakashi would play a running sport or a sport that involves a good bit of cardio. And in the end, I just pictured as the track and field athlete doing 400m hurdles, and I can’t get the image out of my head. So, track athlete Kakashi.

Iruka: Swimming! And I don’t just say this just because of his name. I just think Iruka would be really good in the water, outswimming competitors and making records!

But what do you all think?


Flailinginlove has already biased me to sprinter Kakashi and diver Iruka.

Now I shall need to make a similar list. There are so many cool sports.



I was going to say water polo for kk since it’s one of the hardest sports but he’s definitely doing individual sports like swimming, triathlon or speed skating. I definitely think he wants cardio too, @kaoruhana.

I see Iruka thriving as a team or individual sports but think facing an opponent is key. Swimming, tennis, volleyball, fencing. I’d love Beefcake Sensei do weightlifting.

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I really had to limit myself :joy: my mind was swimming with how each would excel at all the sports.

@mt_nikolle : Shh, how’d you know that’s what got me hooked onto those sports for Kakashi and Iruka too?

@Kelkage : Yes, Kakashi to me needs that constant exercise and one that is high energy and intense. Now that I think of it, I think he’d be a cross-fit fan too. And yes, I can definitely see how having an opponent would spur Iruka on!

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So, playing off my Winter picks, I peg Kakashi as a pentathlon athlete—good for cross-training and endurance and versatility of skills.

I can see Iruka doing canoe/kayak sports. A nice play on the name, but also nicely adventurous.

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