Meta Monday: The Better Driver

Who is the better driver?

I feel like Iruka would be the better driver as far as rules & stuff are concerned. Since he works around children, it’s consciously in his head to look out for them & stuff, and I can see him taking more care & being safe, especially in busy areas.

But in saying that, being a good, safe driver means he totally gets road rage, and yells & curses at other drivers who suck :joy:

As for Kakashi, I think he’s a better driver as far as driving, itself, is concerned. I can see him being able to drive faster because he’s got quick reflexes, a sharp eye, and great control; and if he was on a race track, he would definitely be a challenge to beat.

I imagine because he’s so confident in himself, he doesn’t always stick to the rules when he’s by himself, low traffic, etc., too; but when he’s got passengers, or it’s busy, he is more mindful about what he’s doing. Especially with Iruka. Because Iruka will always tell him off if he starts getting cocky & tries showing off XD

What do you think?

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I totally agree with that but in another hand, i can totally imagine Iruka as a yelling driver.

Like he would always scream something like “use your f**** turn signal, you jerk” at every street corner xD

And of course, Kakashi would be the one Iruka yells at! :joy:

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Yes! Iruka would even flip some people off, I think; but I think he would try to behave himself around school zones so he isn’t a bad influence on children XD

Imagine if that was Kakashi & Iruka’s first meeting XD I’m just picturing a scenario in a modern AU where Iruka is on his way to a new job, and Kakashi cuts him off or runs a red light or something, and Iruka beeps at him, and tells him off out the window; and then he arrives to work, and it turns out that Kakashi is his new boss, or the CEO of the company, or something. Oops. :joy:


Where is the rest of the fic…? :cry:
I love this Idea :joy:


If I had the time, I would write a fic based off of this! :joy: But my maze challenge creations come first! XD

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